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The PairBreaker Isolates 8 Currencies from 26 forex pairs and shows you a line representing the strength of the individual measured against its peers.


This currency charting software works  on any Windows computer.

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This software program tells crypto traders and forex speculators how each FIAT is performing in the foreign exchange.

Lifetime License No Monthly Fees - Free Data  from MT4
 All versions of Windows operating system will work.


Learn how a currency viewer can work wonders for your Crypto trading or FOREX and CFD's!

By knowing the strength or weakenss of the opposing forces in a crypto trade is paramount.  In a currency trade like forex or the CFD's its paramount to know the general condition of each of the eight major world currencies. You don't need to open a dozen or more pair charts anymore.

Bitcoin changes in value as measured against USD.  A regular pair chart displaying the BTCUSD doesn't let you know how the USD is doing.

Knowing the strength and or weakness of a FIAT currency can be a game changer for your strategy if it involves currencies.

The PairBreaker is a powerful windows software program that splits Foreign Exchange pairs and displays the top 8 as Single Currencies. 

As a crypto trader or forex trader, you will be abale to take advantage of this knowledge.

Just input your potential trade pair into the PairBreaker and it instantly computes and displays the "real" strength for each individual. Timing can be as low as 1 second.

Start now and see the improvement in your forex or crypto currency trading ratios instantly.

The USD and AUD

This special Windows software program displays Individual currency strength based on its interactions with up to 26 forex currency pairs from a data feed provided free MT4 platforms.

Knowing a single currencies strength or weakness has super-boosted every trading system we tested ! It shoots the win/loss ratio through the roof.

one or many lines

If you are a currency speculator, you must have this tool with you before and during each trade. Not only does it build your confidence as your wins increase but it acts as an  invaluable second opinion.  Give it a  try. You'll see how incredible this tool can be for your trading career.

This amazing trading  tool will go to work instantly for you without enduring data fees and monthly charges,  It uses the free DDE connection inside all MT4 platforms! ( We provide you with  free data sources for the software.) Crypto and currencies traders  need to know the condition of  the worlds major currencies in order to correctly judge the conditions during a speculative trade.  The most popular trading pairs in crypto is BTC/USD and BTC/EUR. Now you will know the condition and strength of the opposing FIAT forces. The software displays each of the individual eight currencies .

Pairbreaker display of the single currencies USD and AUD

chart shows strength and weakness

Learning how a Single Currency Viewer will work for you!

 A currency strength meter allows you to see the trends of individual currencies. Knowing the trending direction of the 8 major currencies This amazing tool tells you when to buy and when to sell. When to hold off and when to jump. Its the best tool a Forex or currencies trader could have. It turned my losers into winners for the first time!

Currency Strength Cross is an important signal to strength traders. Currencies have reached their equilibrium.

strength meter wave pattern

The currency cross with two individuals is a potent trade signal. It is one of the hidden signals no regular pair chart can give you. There is about to be a lot of activity when they meet. The crossing currencies signal is one of the most used by our clients. 

Knowing how the individuals are performing allows you to "pair-up" the best candidates. Of all the various trading tools and indicators, this is the only one that makes sense. 

currency meter

 A Forex Trading Tool  specifically designed to separate currency pairs.

Two areas that currencies traders must be aware of is the bounce. Regular charts can't tell you with any accuracy when a currency has had enough and is ready to turn around.

3 patterns of strength meter

There are three basic currency strength patterns.

Currency strength meters move from one bounce area to another like a sine wave.


box for pairbreaker

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