Display 8 Forex Currencies.

Learn to crush Forex trading by knowing the strength or weakness of the individuals. One time purchase Windows software. Data is free! Hook up to any large forex broker that use MT4. Feed the software with a demo or live account.

FX4Caster Currency Strength Meter Chart!

The FX4Caster is a one time purchase of windows* software program that lets you peek into how the individual currencies measure activity between pairs. It uses a variety of freely provided data sources from the top forex brokers without having to open an account.

* Will work in Apple or Linux with a windows emulator.
This program is awesome and simple to understand out of the box. Line going up is strength, and the line going down is weak.

currency strength meter

This is simple software doing a simple task.

    Take 26 forex pairs and rip them into singles. The pairs are monitored and measured.This desktop software program will display the strength or weakness of individuals on a chart like the one above.

    Strength charts follow simple repeating patterns among all single currencies. These patterns are massively useful to traders in the the FOREX (foreign exchange) market, crypto currencies and commodities will also benefit from know how the individual currencies like the US dollar are doing against their peers.

The data for this software is provided by running an MT4 platform DDE.

    The DDE is activated by a switch inside every copy of MT4 ( Not MT5) . So, you begin the MT4 platform and turn on the DDE switch. Then you double click the icon on your windows desktop and launch the FX4Caster software program. After a few seconds, the lines will begin scrolling. You select the amount of time sampling from seconds to hours as well as colors and size.

up and down currency stregth
strength meter


FX4Caster 2.44 Currency Strength Charting Platform Software

A currency strength tool takes dozens of forex pairs and measures the degree of rise and fall among them. By paying attention to the patterns they produce as single currencies, you will get a whole new perspective on the market.

The FX4Caster is a one time purchase windows software product. It can run using emulators in Linux and Mac. The data is supplied free by dozens of MT4 platform providers like Oanda, FXPro and AvAFX. The single currency strength chart is great where fine point accuracy is needed.

With terrific features like exporting strength data and fine tuning time, the FX4Caster will quickly become your main trading tool.The FX4Caster currency strength meter works with all forex trading systems and all brokers. It works with all windows versions.Knowing currency strength for individuals gives you an edge by expanding your awareness of the currencies inside pairs.
This is your edge.

strength alarms
strength currency

 The data for this desktop software program is provided on a variety of MT4 platforms using a special DDE that is easy to activate and begin sending to the FX4Caster. We give you a list of preferred FX brokers for this software but most MT4 platforms from dozens of brokers will drive the data.

fx4caster customer

strength meter


Purchase the Fx4Caster for only $24.95 (US funds) with PayPal or any major Credit Card.


You will be relayed by successful transaction sent as a receipt by email shortly after purchase with full downloading details.


Just a short message before you buy the FX4Caster.

It is a tool and not a trading system! You create a system around it,or add it to an existing system.
This windows software program will calculate the strength or weakness of 8 individual currencies by taking in up to 26 pairs using a special switch inside all MT4 platforms. Of course if you can't get it going you get refunded. In that case, contact me by email. I may be able to assist you.  Linux and Apple users with a Windows emulator can use this software.

Runs on all versions of Windows and most windows emulators

Can I run the currency meter software on my laptop and desktop windows machines?


Yes. All versions of windows will work.



What data feed is it using? Is it Free?


All MT4 platforms have a switch for DDE feed located inside their platforms. The DDE supplies data to third party programs like the FX4Caster. There is a list of MT4 broker suppliers that work well with our software on the install page. In fact, there are over 300 potential suppliers of MT4 trading platforms. Also, if your specific MT4 doesn't work with the software, it is nice to know that you can run 2 or more MT4 platforms on a typical machine. Works in demo and live mode.

Everything is important when real money is on the line.

The FX4Caster will draw on up to 26 forex pairs to make its calculation.
What trading system do I use with it?

The FX4Caster is a trading tool that explodes the win/loss ratio of any trading system you add it to. All of them can use the readings from a single currency indicator.



You will be relayed by successful transaction sent as a receipt by email shortly after purchase with full downloading details.

Runs on all versions of Windows and most windows emulators